What's Up with the Site???

So why the new website you might ask?.  Well I've been trying to get a website that's quick and easy to update, looks decent and has a blog that's got the same features and has a comment section.  I started this years ago with Window's based software and it just never really looked all that good plus it was a royal pain in the neck to update.  Then along came my Mac laptop for my birthday a couple of years ago.  Fantastic! iWeb did everything I wanted… well almost.  It didn't have an easy way to add comments to a blog and then Apple decided to abandon it along with the primary hosting service.  So last year this was an perfect excuse for me to do ALMOST NO UPDATES for our entire sailing season!  Apple used to be our perfect computer, cell phone, and software provider but recently they've been a little frustrating to deal with.  So I went looking for an alternative to iWeb.  I read countless reviews and tried several programs and finally found Sandvox.  It's perfect.  Just like iWeb in a lot of ways so the transition was easy for me.

So we'll see how this goes for a while.  It must be better since I've done more updates in 3 days than I did all last year!!

So one of the next things I need to do is to get photo's uploaded.  That's next!

© Christon Blair 2012