More messing with the site

If you've tried to open this site or or this site lately you could have gotten unexpected results.  That's because I'm trying to learn a little more about how to manage websites and how to edit blogs and all kinds of geeky stuff.  Robin says I'm way too bored if I'm doing this… she may be right!  Anyway I hope to get this set up so the Toucan Dream site isn't affected by my Blairpage changes.  Problem is that they're both in the same hosting account with a company called  You may recognize the name from their slightly risqué ads they run on the super bowl every year.  I use them to do my website hosting and domain name registration.  I didn't realize it but it seems when more than one domain name is hosted on the same account I have to be very careful about what folder to put the files in.  The way I did it Blairpage became aliased to svtoucan dream.  So all that happened was that people that tried to open blairpage went to  Then when I added Word Press to blairpage, became blairpage.  Weird!  I'm slowly figuring out that web design and management can be a very tedious thing best not messed with if you don't understand the details.

So where am I today?  Got this site working again obviously and now I'm trying again to set up  That should happen later today but right now it's gone.


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