More messing with the site

If you've tried to open this site or or this site lately you could have gotten unexpected results.  That's because I'm trying to learn a little more about how to manage websites and how to edit blogs and all kinds of geeky stuff.  Robin says I'm way too bored if I'm doing this… she may be right!  Anyway I hope to get this set up so the Toucan Dream site isn't affected by my Blairpage changes.  Problem is that they're both in the same hosting account with a company called  You may recognize the name from their slightly risqué ads they run on the super bowl every year.  I use them to do my website hosting and domain name registration.  I didn't realize it but it seems when more than one domain name is hosted on the same account I have to be very careful about what folder to put the files in.  The way I did it Blairpage became aliased to svtoucan dream.  So all that happened was that people that tried to open blairpage went to  Then when I added Word Press to blairpage, became blairpage.  Weird!  I'm slowly figuring out that web design and management can be a very tedious thing best not messed with if you don't understand the details.

So where am I today?  Got this site working again obviously and now I'm trying again to set up  That should happen later today but right now it's gone.


Isaiah noticed them first

DSC 0066

A couple of months ago Isaiah, our grandson noticed a bird in the palm tree outside our condo.  It was a pretty dove that seemed to hang around a lot longer than normal.  If you look closely you can see the small greenish bird close to the middle and if you look even closer you can see a few other things to the right.  Yes, it was a nest full of doves!  Three babies and one mamma!  Click here to go to the photo album!

DSC 0072

Slide Show!

OK now I'm into full needle-neck-nurd mode!  Here's a slide show with the same photo's of Isaiah's fishing trip. Except I've used all the photos.  Piece of cake to do.  Took me all of a couple of minutes.  I also have a short video clip we'll experiment with next!

Enjoy the slide show!

More features of Sandvox Playing with a link

So this morning Robin is telling me how nice our friend's Max and Alice's web site is.  Very simple and very clean.  Easy to navigate.  Great job Max!!  So here's my feeble attempt to copy.  We had a great visit with our grandson Isaiah this summer.  Towards the end of the visit a good friend of ours Jim Luciano took us out to go fishing.  Isaiah got more fish than any of us, including a small hammer head shark!!  Click here to see the photos.

Day 2 of the new site

I'm learning a lot about how to do this.  Sandvox has a lot of great features that I'm experimenting with so you may find some new pages that appear every now and then.  Objects are pretty neat!  I wonder if I can add one here?  Guess I'll just try:

Wow!!!  Very cool!  This is Sooo easy!!  And I can put them anywhere I want to. 

So let's try a link to photos next.  I'll do this in the next blog entry.

What's Up with the Site???

So why the new website you might ask?.  Well I've been trying to get a website that's quick and easy to update, looks decent and has a blog that's got the same features and has a comment section.  I started this years ago with Window's based software and it just never really looked all that good plus it was a royal pain in the neck to update.  Then along came my Mac laptop for my birthday a couple of years ago.  Fantastic! iWeb did everything I wanted… well almost.  It didn't have an easy way to add comments to a blog and then Apple decided to abandon it along with the primary hosting service.  So last year this was an perfect excuse for me to do ALMOST NO UPDATES for our entire sailing season!  Apple used to be our perfect computer, cell phone, and software provider but recently they've been a little frustrating to deal with.  So I went looking for an alternative to iWeb.  I read countless reviews and tried several programs and finally found Sandvox.  It's perfect.  Just like iWeb in a lot of ways so the transition was easy for me.

So we'll see how this goes for a while.  It must be better since I've done more updates in 3 days than I did all last year!!

So one of the next things I need to do is to get photo's uploaded.  That's next!

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